About Us

Serendipity is considered an antique store, but we are much more than that. We strive to educate people about the history of America through man's creation of items in the attempt at making day to day life easier. Our great country, America, is only 243 years old and there are still great creations being invented all the time. But consider the men and women of all nationalities that came to this land looking for a better life for themselves and they had opportunities to create a new existance. Like many of us they came from overseas with very few worldly possessions. The "immigrant trunk", for instance, was basically the suitcase of the day and held all of their belongings. And on the eve (less than a decade away) of the 250th anniversary of our country we thought it was only fitting to celebrate this upcoming event by showcasing our European antique collection.


We have German Shrunks, French grape harvest baskets and crocks, Japanese and Chinese harvest baskets and tools, Danish Bread Slicers, and many beautiful natural chests, trunks, and containers. Also in the collection are many beautiful hand painted items including wall cabinets, milk cans, oil cans, steamer pots, watering pails, bread boards, stools, benches, immigrant chests and trunks, and many more items to make your house feel like the cozy, rustic cottages of the old world.


The painted items were beautifully hand painted by German artist Guntram Velke and he has signed and dated most of the items.


Feel free to come in at your leisure and see some old world antiques. But, if you are looking to buy some for your own home, don't wait long. We only have so much of these awesome antiques and they won't last long!



Our staff is eager to answer any questions you may have by phone at

(717) 218-7715. Be sure to stop by and say hello. We look forward to meeting you.