Here is a checklist of items we are currently buying.

____ Advertising Signs – Gas/Oil, Tobacco, Curiosity, Products/Services, National Park Service, etc.

____ Record Albums – Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Punk, Heavy Metal, Psych …. + vintage stereo equip.

____ Old Gold & Silver Coins and Jewelry – including old Currency....

____ Firearms, Ammo & Knives – USA made, old or new, handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

____ Cast Iron Skillets – Any and all Skillets, Dutch Ovens, Griddles, plus Aluminum ones too, etc.

____ National Park Items – Souvenirs, Maps, Advertising, Tourist Guides, Photos/Albums, Picture Books

____ Tobacco Items – Lighters, Pipes, Jars, Tins, Signs, Cigarette packs, Matches, Stands, etc.

____ Toys – Hotwheels, Slot Cars, Pressed Steel, Tin wind-up, Model Kits, Games, etc.

____ Antique Books – inc. Bibles, Medical, Tourist Guides, Diaries, Cookbooks/Recipes, etc.

____ Native American Items – Arrowheads, Clothing, Accessories, Weapons, Jewelry

____ Antique & Vintage Watches – Pocket Watches, Rolexes, Wristwatches, etc.

____ Bottles – Medicine/Apothecary, Beer Cans, Whiskey, Soda, Milk, etc.

____ Motorcycles – American Made, including pieces and parts AND Memorabilia, Clothing, etc.

____ Cars – including pieces and parts, Hood Ornaments, etc.

____ Stereoview Cards – National Parks, Native American, Hunting, Wildlife, Civil War, etc.

____ Postcards and Photos / Albums – Pre 60's, linen, RPPC (Real Photo Postcards), Motorcycles and Native American pay premium....

____ Statues / Figurines / Planters – Wood carved, cast iron, cement, copper, bronze, etc.

____ Antique Erotica – Pinups, Stag Films, Nude Postcards, Risque' Stereocards, Novelty Items

____ Factory Carts and Large Antique Castors – metal or wood industrial age, pieces, parts, etc.

____ Antique Locks – preferably with keys, but not a big deal….

____ Antique Metal – Anything industrial age, Stands, Brackets, Hinges, Bolts, Screws, etc.

____ Shop Machinery – any old gas powered machinery or tools, chainsaws, etc.

____ Antique tools – any old unique tools, Anvils, Wood Planes, etc.


Plus, any and all Cool, Unique, Weird, Rare, One-of-a-Kind items you may have.... including things not on this list.


*** Call Me first.... Cause I Pay The Most for Good Stuff ! ***