Serendipity now has one of the LARGEST selections of Vintage Pinballs, Skee Balls, and Shuffle Bowling machines in PA!  ALL of our machines are serviced and ready to go.  We offer delivery service, a layaway plan, and we provide a technician who services all machines.  Below is an inventroy list of our machines as of January 6, 2014.  Please contact the Gallery at 717.218.7715 for a current inventory list.  


Pinballs for SALE

  • Bally's 1976 Flip Flop, 4 player 
  • Williams 1960's Kick-Off, 1 player
  • Gottlieb's 1973 Jungle King, 1 player
  • William's Student Prince, 4 player
  • Gottlieb's Bonanza, 2 player
  • Gottlieb's Pro Pool, 1 player
  • William's Paddock, 1 player
  • Stern's Meteor, 4 player


Skee Balls for SALE

  • 10' Skee Ball w/sound, working ticket dispenser, siren, and 100 pt. slot
  • 14' Skee Roll - ARCADE model, fully restored
  • 10' Skee Extreme, fully restored  
Bally Flip Flip
Gottlieb Bonanza
Gottlieb Pro Football
Williams Jubilee
Williams Kickoff
Williams Paddock